Ted Brewer - designer of the Pan Oceanic Yachts

Naval Architect Ted Brewer has designed over 260 boats. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Ted made his professional career in the US. Brewer now lives in Agassiz, British Columbia, Canada.

He has worked on designs ranging from the America's Cup successful defender Weatherly to motor yachts. Ted's production designs include the Whitby 42, Cabot 36, Morgan 38 - and the Pan Oceanic sailboats - 38, 43, and 46.

One of Brewer's signature design features is the "Brewer Bite" - Brewer's clever way of adding some of the windward sailing advantage of a fin keel boat to a cruising boat's full keel. At the same time, the "Brewer Bite" offers protection for the prop -- an important feature for a cruising boat -- just as you would see in a full keel design. The "Brewer Bite" was used in all of the Pan Oceanic Designs. You can see it clearly in this Pan Oceanic 46 hull drawing.

While Pan Oceanic yachts were not produced in large numbers, the fact that Ted Brewer designed them brings instant respect.

Brewer Yacht Designs is on the web at www.tedbrewer.com